NELLI Dashboard

Created initial dashboard design in a few days for a company developing a nighttime neurological…


Conceptual wireframes and mockups for the JOIN (Macy's Collaboration Center) site redesign project.

Tiles – Stygian Edition

What would a tiled interface look like if designed by and for demons and/or occultists?…

Book Covers

Spec designs for screenwriter Michael Lucker's book, Crash! Bang! Boom! How to Write Action Films.

UI Style Guide (HECM)

All writing, editing and graphic design for McKesson's Horizon Enterprise Content Manager (HECM) User Interface Styles…

UI Style Guide (DPMEE)

All writing, editing and graphic design for the DPMEE User Interface Styles & Standards Guide.

WordPress Site & Branding

Site, information architecture and other graphic design services for Sinimuna Corporation, including logo and branding.

Booking Application

Screen captures of the completely redesigned "new" prototype with booking engine, featuring the Low…

Idea Center

Mockups of collaboration space featuring blogs, project coordination, ideation forums, social features, idea challenges, statistics…

Ecommerce Site & Branding

Design and information architecture for Rollé Beach Blankets ecommerce-enabled web site with custom JavaScript product…

WordPress, Branding & Collateral

An assemblage of logo, WordPress site, coupon, business card, and ad designs for a talent…

Event Pricing Application

Mockups of workflow controls for planning, scheduling, executing and tracking merchandise price changes for sales…

BID Documents

Examples of Behavioral and Interactive Design (BID) documentation covering a variety of use cases associated…

Dual Slider

Wireframes and mockups for a proposed dual (both corporate and business unit content) slider for…

SP2013 Header (MM)

Mockups of several options for the My Macy's Portal megamenu redesign from SharePoint 2010 to…

Portal Design (BLM)

Mockups of the My Macy's portal sister intranet, My Bloomingdale's, during development for the SharePoint…

Show Posters

Show poster and card handbill graphic design for Atlanta-based Sketchworks comedy troupe.

Review Application, Part 1

Wireframes, styles and iconography design specifications for the enterprise Leadership Performance Review (LPR) application.

Procurement Application

Wireframes and mockups for a browser-based, bulk "PC Buy" purchasing application for differing roles in…

Remote UI

Theme mockups for the Philips ProntoPro NG TSU7000 touch-enabled remote control unit.

My Imperial Desktop

What if the Galactic Empire of the Star Wars franchise modeled its standard Trooper desktop…

Logo Designs

A collection of random logo designs for various clients over the years.

Product Parody

Vader parody for comedian Josh Harris.

Mobile Mockups

Conceptual mockups for the nascent My Macy's portal mobile version's core functionality.

SP2010 Vendor Portal (MP)

MpMockups of the Macy's Partners vendor extranet for its SharePoint upgrade.

Call Center Application

Mockups for Snooper, an application that displays data from many legacy systems into one interface,…

Animated Web Site

Provided visual design and produced animated web site for a biometrics company. Design was inspired…

“Positive Results”

The Macy's Enterprise Portal Team had the unfortunate acronym "EPT," which happens to be the…

Everyday Magic Site

Mockups for the "Everyday Magic" employee recognition site on the My Macy's portal.

Touchpanel UI

Theme mockups for various Crestron touch-enabled, smart home control panels.

Humor Web Site

WordPress adult humor web site

Collaboration Community

Rationale, feature prospects, operations and front-end design for a proposed secure, enterprise-level online collaboration community…